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Celtic Moon Altar Cloth - Grove and Grotto

Celtic Moon Altar Cloth

$ 28.00 $ 45.95

Made of a premium, medium-weight rayon fabric, this square cloth features a celestial moon and pentagram pattern around the edges. The center is plain black, perfectly showcasing your altar tools, Tarot cards, or runes. This beautiful and versatile altar cloth may also be worn as a scarf!

Altar cloth is hand-printed in Bali according to traditional batik methods. Item ships folded. To remove wrinkles, place in a hot dryer for five minutes, or dampen and line dry. Designed by Karuna Arts.

Material: Hand-dyed rayon

Dimensions: Approx. 36 in x 36 in

Symbolism of the Color Black 
Many Witches and Pagans are instinctively drawn to the color black--and why not?  This powerful, restful shade has a long history of use in magick. Far from being a symbol or evil or negativity, black complements all other colors and unites them with its versatility. It reminds us of midnight, the time when dreams come alive and magic is at its peak. It also represents the element Earth, the matrix from which all life springs. Some traditional associations of the color black include power, mystery, strength, death, protection, and solitude.

Crescent Moon Symbolism
The crescent is one of the oldest symbols known to humanity, dating back to the earliest Mesopotamian civilizations. The crescent moon symbolizes change and flux, the eternal cycles of life, lunar deities and lunar magick. Some magickal associations of the moon include fertility, spirituality, wisdom, psychic perception, dreams, and contemplation.

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