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Auric Blends Perfume Oil (1/3 oz)

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The Auric Blends line of roll-on perfumes has been a customer favorite for over 20 years. They include both simple, pure fragrances like Sandalwood and Jasmine, and exotic blends such as Black Opium and Majik. 

Perfume oils deliver long-lasting, layered fragrance that blends into the skin and creates a subtle, alluring effect. The roll-on applicator and screw cap make them easy to apply and perfectly portable. Use them to anoint the body for ritual or romance.

If you’ve tried Auric Blends before, you probably already have a favorite variety. Or look at the descriptions below and pick a new favorite!

Note: Ocean Song and Sweet Rains have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Descriptions of Auric Blends perfume oils:

Amber: Amber is a warm and rich fragrance.  Made with a blend of Tunisian amber oils, this fragrance blend perfectly balances the sweet, spicy and aromatic qualities of amber.

Amber Patchouly: A duet of two exotic, enticing perfumes.

Aphrodesia: A perfume blended in honor of the Goddess of Love. Sweet rose and jasmine with a sandalwood-vanilla base.

Black Opium: Exotic and slightly spicy, dries down to a warm and smooth aroma with touches of vanilla and patchouli.

Desert Night: Haunting and multilayered, Desert Night offers a soft base of rose and sandalwood, accented by hints of jasmine, musk, exotic woods, and amber.

Divine Opium: Lighter in character than the heady Black Opium, this fragrance is still rich, sensual and complex.

Egyptian Goddess: A best-seller! Egyptian Goddess is a sensual, musk-based fragrance with notes of soft florals and powder.

Forbidden Desire: A sultry and spicy Oriental blend dominated by amber, it hints at forbidden fruit and fiery passion.

Golden Honeysuckle: A favorite of Faeries everywhere, Golden Honeysuckle is pure floral sweetness.

Jasmine: The delicate, mystical aroma of jasmine and lily of the valley. Sparkling green notes and just a touch of wood complete this blend.

Lavender Dream: A classic relaxing fragrance. Lavender Dream is soft and powdery, not herbal and astringent.

Love: A touch of Egyptian Goddess combined with white amber, white musk and woods. (This is a different fragrance from "One Love".)

Lovers Moon: A breath of rose, gardenia, and heliotrope, with a sensual base of sandalwood and musk.

Majik: Inspire mystical and spiritual endeavors with Majik, which hints at earthy notes of patchouli blended with the spicy sweetness of amber.

Moonlight: Celebrate the magic and mystery of moonlight with the subtle fragrance of Moonlight. Soft florals accented by a hint of golden amber.

Mystic Blend: With hints of green at the top, this fragrance has a heart of lily and jasmine and is supported by heavy sandalwood and vanilla.

Night Queen: Creamy vanilla, sandalwood and white musk meet the dominant notes of sparkling citrus nuances and white florals.

One Love: Strawberry and vanilla combine to create a scrumptiously sweet and mouth-watering fragrance. (This is a different fragrance from "Love".)

Patchouly: An essential oil perfume from Indonesia and the surrounding area, Patchouly is deep, luxurious and earthy.

Rose: Fully capturing the essence of pure rose, this elegant fragrance will kiss your skin with romance.

Sandalwood: Egyptian, Arabian and Tunisian sandalwood comine with golden amber and light green leafy notes. A sweet and subtle version of a timeless fragrance.

Sandalwood Vanilla: Egyptian, Arabian and Tunisian sandalwood blended with golden amber and an extra hit of vanilla for smoothness.

Tea Rose: A blend of English rose and tea rose, for a dewy fresh take on rose perfume.

Vanilla: A deep and scrumptious fragrance of warm vanilla bean supported by musk, muguet, and light fruity florals at the top.

Vanilla Musk: Vanilla blends with musk for a deep, sexy, and long-lasting perfume oil.

Water Goddess: A magnolia floral bouquet with touches of rose and violet, supported by a background of exotic woods and mosses.

Water Lily: Inspired by waters filled with lily pads and bright flower blossoms, Water Lily is a perfume that inspires peace and calm, while touching those who experience it with a gentle energy.

White Musk: White musk, vanilla, and blonde woods topped with jasmine, hints of green and powdery florals.