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Auric Blends Roll-On Perfume Oil - Sandalwood Vanilla

Auric Blends Roll-On Perfume Oil - Sandalwood Vanilla

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Egyptian, Arabian and Tunisian Sandalwood blended with golden Amber and an extra bit of vanilla for smoothness. Comes in a 1/3 oz bottle (approx 10 ml).

About Auric Blends

The Auric Blends line of roll-on perfumes has been a customer favorite for decades. They include both simple, pure fragrances like Sandalwood and Jasmine, and exotic blends such as Black Opium and Majik. 

Perfume oils deliver long-lasting, layered fragrance that blends into the skin and creates a subtle, alluring effect. The roll-on applicator and screw cap make them easy to apply and perfectly portable. Use them to anoint the body for ritual or romance.

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