Mini Cedar Smudges (Package of 2)

Mini Cedar Smudges (Package of 2)

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Each batch of Cedar smudges contains a few that are smaller than our standard. We've packaged them up in a two-for-one bargain pack that is sure to sell out quickly!

These little smudges are perfect for indoor cleansing and smaller spaces. They are hand-tied from wildcrafted California Cedar, and measure just over 3 inches in length. Package of two.

The woodsy and fresh aroma of Cedar is comforting and protective. Cedar is often used to cleanse a home or apartment when first moving in, inviting unwanted energies to leave peacefully. Cedar smudges can make a good alternative for people who prefer not to use Sage.

Read more about the different smudging herbs in our detailed guide!

Ingredients: Cedar (Calocedrus decurrens)

How to Use Smudge Sticks

Holding the smudge stick by the “handle” end, use a lighter to ignite the tip.  Blow out any open flames so that the leaves slowly smolder.  Next, wave the smudging wand around a room, person, or objects to direct the fragrant, cleansing smoke. Catch the ashes in a heat-resistant dish.  (An abalone shell is traditional, but you can use a smudge pot, incense burner, or even a regular ceramic plate, as long as you put something under it.)  Smudge sticks can be extinguished in a dish of sand and re-used many times.  Of course, never leave burning smudges unattended.

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