Amazonian Palo Santo Sticks

Amazonian Palo Santo Sticks

  • $ 12.00

Palo Santo sticks come from the Bursera graveolens tree in the South American rainforest and this truly unique aromatic wood is burned as incense. For centuries, before it was introduced to North America, it was used by Shamans to clear negative energy, attract positive energy, re-establish peace and balance, enhance concentration and meditation, and heal people on physical and spiritual levels.

These premium sticks are extremely rare and harvested from trees that fell naturally in the Amazon rainforest. Due to this wood’s rarity, these sticks are not always available. 

Each package contains 5 pieces (each about 4.5 inches long) of premium Palo Santo wood (Bursera graveolens).

Amazonian Palo Santo Sticks are distributed by Prabhuji's Gifts and offer these benefits:

-Gold-level Green America certified business

-100% natural with no added colors or perfumes

-Plastic-free packaging

-Sustainably harvested in Ecuador: part of the profits go toward financing the Palo Santo Reforestation Project organized by the Forestry and Environmental Corporation of Manabi (CORFAM) which is fully acknowledged and supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

-A portion of the proceeds benefit Prabhuji Mission, a New York based, nonprofit religious organization that provides spiritual community and runs various food and toy distribution programs

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