Medium Abalone Shell (4-5")

Medium Abalone Shell (4-5")

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Abalone shells are a beautiful natural ash catcher for smudge sticks. When a shell is used in a smudging ritual, all four Elements are present: Fire (the burning herbs), Air (the smoke), Earth (the ashes), and Water (the seashell).

Besides smudging, shells may be used as offering bowls, to burn cone or resin incense, or simply admired as a creation of Nature. If using as an incense burner or smudge pot, always place shell on a heatproof surface. (Wood stands and coasters are great for this purpose!)

You will receive one shell, chosen just for you and securely packaged for shipping. Sizes and patterns vary slightly, but all measure at least 4" in length. Holes, ridges, and barnacles are a natural feature of Abalone shells.

Dimensions: Approx. 4-5 in (length)

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