Carved Onyx Bowl 2" - Grove and Grotto

Carved Onyx Bowl 2"

  • $ 12.00

A petite bowl carved from natural Green Onyx stone. Green Onyx is semi-translucent with subtle banded patterns, and comes in assorted shades of pale green, white, and yellow. These bowls are hand-carved and polished to a glossy finish. Bowl measures approximately 2 inches in diameter.

Suggested uses: Store crystals and rings, or use as a burner for incense cones. Stone bowls also make an excellent non-reactive vessel for offerings and for anointing oils.

You will receive one Green Onyx bowl (photos are representative of current stock). Please expect slight variations in this natural item.

Materials: Green Onyx

Dimensions: Approx. 2 in (diameter), .75 in (height)

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