Bat's Blood Spell Writing Kit

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Craft your spells and rituals the old-fashioned way with this handy all-in-one kit. The Bat’s Blood ink adds potency to your words and symbols, while the parchment paper makes a great addition to a grimoire or Book of Shadows. This kit features letter-size sheets of parchment, which can be cut, folded or rolled to suit your purposes. 
Bat’s Blood ink is traditionally used for spells of binding and protection, and for casting and removing curses and jinxes.

Kit includes:

One bottle of Bat’s Blood ink (1 oz)

Five sheets of parchment paper (8.5 x 11 in)

One purple writing feather

Instruction sheet
About Bat’s Blood

Though they refer to the ancient practice of writing spells and pacts in blood, Dragon’s Blood, Dove’s Blood, and Bat’s Blood ink are actually high quality red pigments that contain no blood.  They are used in Hoodoo and Witchcraft to inscribe magickal seals and talismans.

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