SageWoman #56: Coming Home (Print Magazine Back Issue)

SageWoman #56: Coming Home (Print Magazine Back Issue)

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A rare print copy of SageWoman #56: Coming Home. All of our magazine back issues are in Good to Very Good condition, with no water damage, missing pages, or writing/highlighting.

From the publisher:

"Coming Home is not always what we expect; it may mean returning to our past or venturing into an unknown future; rediscovering our roots or blossoming into an entirely new reality," writes editor Anne Newkirk Niven in her introduction to this issue, created in the shadow of the September 11 attacks. 

Our columnists bring a rich feast, brimming with nuggets of wisdom: Linda Ledbetter shares potato magic in "The Enchanted Kitchen," women's health expert Mary Seger concentrates on treating and curing anxiety through natural healing and goddess meditation, Carol Christ muses on the connection between Goddess spirituality and process theology, and Joanna Powell Colbert writes an elegy to her home on Puget Sound that joyously fulfills the promise of her artwork that graces the cover of this issue. Plus rituals for airplane travel, for coming back to a childhood home (and perhaps some uncertain emotional resonances) and a dedication ritual to Brigid. This is a homey, gentle, and nurturing issue, sure to bring a sense of ease and comfort to all readers. 96 illustrated pages, published in the Winter of 2001.

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