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Aura Accord Orange Blossom Oil

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Aura Accord Orange Blossom oil by Anna Riva recalls the delicate flower of the same name. The buoyant scent of Orange Blossom promotes happiness, confidence, and charm.

Anyone who has ever walked through an orange grove in blossom knows that there is something heavenly about the sweet scent that permeates the air.  In traditional folklore, Orange Blossom (also known as Neroli) is used to extract proposals from reluctant lover.  More broadly, it is an herb that draws success and stability and enhances personal charisma.  Use it in spells involving luck, prosperity, and yes, marriage.

Get the magick oil you want in a convenient two-dram (1/8 oz) size! Aura Accord oils by Anna Riva are specially blended and sealed in an airtight bottle for long shelf life. They’re strong enough to use in small quantities, but—unlike essential oils—gentle enough to apply directly to the skin. Weave them into your ritual craft, or simply enjoy their alluring and exotic fragrances.

Widely used in Hoodoo and conjure craft, these scented oils have many uses:

Dress candles and magick tools
Anoint the body for ritual
Burn in an oil diffuser to fragrance a room
Pour a few drops into a bath
Wear as a personal perfume
Create potions, elixirs, spell bottles or mojo bags

Magickal properties of oils and herbs are provided for informational purposes only, and no outcome is guaranteed. Oils are intended for external use only. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to test new fragrance products on a small area before applying in larger quantities. Enjoy!

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