White Copal Resin Incense (1 oz)

  • $ 4.00

Copal, sometime called “young amber,” is the hardened sap of a tree native to Mexico and Central America. Copal resin was used for thousands of years by the Aztec and Maya people to banish unwanted energies and create a holy atmosphere.

The scent of Copal is sweet and mildly spicy, with overtones of Citrus and Pine. Its ritual uses include power and purification. Less assertive than Frankincense or Myrrh, Copal makes an excellent base for creating your own incense blends. Comes in a 1 oz bag.

Intended for true incense lovers, resin incenses offer you the purest traditional fragrances without fillers or binders. To use, burn over charcoal in a censer, stone dish, or brazier. (New to resins? Check out our detailed instructions for burning resin incense.)

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