Witch's Runes (Set of 8)

  • $ 18.00

The Witch's Runes are a traditional oracle of eight tiles. Draw one or more tiles to answer a question on any topic, then tuck them away in their black velvet drawstring bag. The set includes an 8.5" x 5.5" color brochure with detailed rune meanings and suggestions for reading.

Our Witch's Runes are laser-engraved on tiles of unfinished Baltic Birch. (Please expect slight variations from the photo.) The rune tiles are all-natural with no paint or varnish. The reverse side of each tile is blank.

This is an exclusive item designed and assembled in our workshop. Find out more about the Witch's Runes here.

Material: Birch

Tile dimensions: 1.5 in (diameter)

Bag dimensions: 4 in x 6 in (flat measurement)

The Moon (Midwinter)
Inner thoughts, intuition, contemplation, solitude, change.

The Birds (Imbolc)
News, business matters, communication, inspiration and beginnings.

The Leaf (Ostara)
Growth, abundance, promise of harvest, good fortune. A strong "maybe".

The Rings (Beltane)
Love, passion, partnership, harmonious union, joy and pleasure. In readings, means "probably".

The Sun (Midsummer)
Success, pride, and power. Progress, stability. A definite “yes.”

The Wave (Lammas)
Close family and friends, privacy, secrecy. Rest and withdrawal.

The Crossed Spears (Mabon)
Opposite viewpoints.  Conflict, arguments, negativity. A stalemate or pause in action.  In readings, "probably not."

The Black Rune (Samhain)
Endings and departures.  Scarcity, pain and loss. A definite "no."

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