Black Crystal Gazing Ball (50 mm)

  • $ 16.50

Conjure up visions of the past, present, and future with this petite black crystal ball. This 50 mm size (approximately 2 inches) is perfect for holding in the palm of your hand or tucking into a purse or pocket for travel.

Includes a lacquered wooden stand as shown.

Material: Manufactured crystal
Dimensions: 50 mm (diameter)

Using your Crystal Ball

To use a crystal ball, hold it in your hand or rest in on an altar or other secure surface. Then simply gaze into its surface, as if you were looking through a window. (Scrying works best in low, indirect light.) Allow your mind and body to relax and become receptive to whatever images or thoughts may arise. If there’s a question you’d like answered, then gently focus on that desire. Much like dreaming, the images that appear may be very literal, or they may be symbolic. With practice, you’ll gain confidence in your scrying, and be able to summon and interpret visions at will.

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