Rue Herb Bundle

  • $ 7.50

Rue has been known as a cleansing and protective herb since ancient times. When used in an herbal cleansing, it can clear out the most persistent negative energies. Our handmade Rue bundles measure about 4 inches long.

In medieval Europe, Rue was known as the Herb of Grace. It was hung in windows and doorways to keep out evils spirits and witches. An Italian folk charm called the Cimaruta is fashioned in the shape of a sprig of Rue.

Rue may be added to cleansing washes, incenses, and all manner of protective charms. It is said to bring blessings of love and prosperity, and to improve second sight. Rue corresponds to Mars, the goddess Diana, and the realm of Faery.

Do not use Rue during pregnancy. Rue has a strong, distinctive odor (don't say we didn't warn you!).


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