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Deviant Moon Tarot (Borderless Edition)

Deviant Moon Tarot (Borderless Edition)

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Stylized characters and moonlit dreamscapes draw you into the luminescent world of Deviant Moon Tarot. An instant favorite when it was first released in 2008, this offbeat classic is now available in a new Borderless Edition.

With larger cards, this special Borderless Edition highlights Patrick Valenza’s stunning artwork and allows readers to connect more deeply with the evocative tarot imagery. It’s not the deck for everyone, but if your taste leans toward the dark and creepy, then the surreal art of the Deviant Moon Tarot will trigger your intuition and captivate your imagination.

Includes a 48 page booklet with ideas for interpretation.

Card dimensions: 2.5 inches x 5 inches

Creator: Patrick Valenza

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