Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot (Collectible Tin)

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An adorable new edition of a favorite deck!  Great for travel or gift-giving, this set reproduces the Smith-Waite Centennial deck in a beautiful metal tin.  (The cards are a half-inch smaller on either side than the standard edition, making them about the size of a regular deck of playing cards.)

The Smith-Waite Centennial deck has soft, muted colors that faithfully reproduce the look and feel of the 1909 first printing.  It also restores the "Tudor rose" pattern that appeared on the back of the first edition deck.  For those who find the Rider-Waite deck too bright or garish, this printing is the perfect alternative.

The 80-card deck includes the standard 78 Tarot cards plus two samples of Pixie’s non-Tarot artwork. Instructional booklet included.

Card dimensions: 2.25 inches x 3.75 inches

Creators: Pamela Colman Smith and A.E. Waite

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