Tarot of a Moon Garden

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A serene and fanciful deck with original paintings by Karen Marie Sweikhardt.

Tarot of a Moon Garden delivers its arcane secrets on the wings of dragonflies, butterflies, angels, and fairies. Unicorns and dolphins bring insightful messages from far-way lands. This luminous deck weaves together traditional Tarot symbolism, elemental magic, and the reflective phases of the moon. Tarot of the Moon Garden follows the traditional four suits of tarot with dragonflies forming the hilt of the suit of swords. Dragons indicate areas for transformation and warn of temptation. Let the lunar energy of the Moon Garden inspire you as you explore the places your imagination will lead you.

Deck includes 78 cards, and a booklet by Laura E. Clarkson with upright and reversed meanings.

Card dimensions: 4.75 inches x 2.75 inches

Creator: Karen Marie Sweikhardt

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