Astrology Dice with Printed Instruction Sheet

  • $ 10.50

This set of 3 twelve-sided dice is all you need to perform detailed divination using your knowledge of astrology. One die contains symbols for the twelve zodiac signs, one contains the ten astrological planets (plus the North and South nodes of the Moon), and the third die contains numbers representing the twelve houses.

Astrology dice are an excellent tool for fortune-telling, or study aid for students of astrology. This set comes with a printed sheet of instructions (8.5 x 11 inches).

Material: Cast resin
Dimensions: Approx. .9 inches

How to Use Astrology Dice

The most common way to use astrology dice is to formulate a question, then roll each die once. For example, your dice throw might be Venus in Cancer in the fourth house. You would then interpret the dice in the context of the question. (The planet usually represents an actor or influence, the zodiac sign describes the way in which it is behaving, and the house represents the area of life it is affecting.)

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