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Candle Magic Starter Set with Holder (Silver) - Grove and Grotto

Candle Magic Starter Set with Holder (Silver)

$ 6.00

With an assortment of 10 colored spell candles and a handy holder, this kit contains everything you need to weave your own enchantments!   Each unscented candle measures 4” long and burns for approximately 1.5 hours.  The silver aluminum holder features a seven-pointed star (Faery star) to anchor and empower your charged candles.  You will receive the ten colors listed below--however, colors may vary slightly from the photo due to individual dye lots.

These candles are made in Germany by Biedermann and Sons.  The manufacturer uses pure paraffin wax, 100% cotton wicks and non-toxic dyes.  They are simply the best spell candles around.  They burn cleanly and evenly, and last just the right amount of time for many rituals.
The 10 colors have been chosen to serve a variety of magickal purposes.  Beginner?  Refer to the traditional color meanings and candle magic basics below.  The color meanings are suggestions—your tradition may have others.
Candle dimensions: 4 in x .5 in (Chime candle)
Holder dimensions: 2.25 in x .75 in

Color Meanings:

The color of purity and new beginnings.  Use a white candle for rituals involving healing, initiation, and spiritual growth.  Also appropriate for Full Moon and Goddess workings.  White may be substituted for any other color candle when not available.
A strong, banishing color, black is associated with transition and rest. Burn a black candle to absorb negativity, break a bad habit, or mark the end of a phase in your life.
Red is the color of sex, love, power and vitality.  A red candle draws these qualities to you, and aids you in any spellwork that requires strong, fiery energy.
Blue helps you call upon the peace and patience of the element of Water.  Choose a blue candle for spells involving emotional healing, truth and justice.  A very spiritual color, blue can help awaken and heal the psychic mind.
Yellow is associated with the element of Air and the powers of the mind.  Yellow is a most energetic color, and excellent for any working where you need to add active energy!  Burn a yellow candle for success in school or the arts, or to enhance communication in a relationship.  Yellow also increases focus and intuition.
Traditionally the color of money magic, green symbolizes growth in every sense.  A green candle attracts abundance and earthly well-being.  Use for prosperity, health, and workings involving Nature.
The vibrant hue of orange evokes ambition and creativity.  Orange candles are well-suited for career workings, or any other time you need to assert your strength and individuality.
The color of mystery and magic, purple is associated with psychic matters.  Use a purple candle for divination, astral travel, and to strengthen your connection with the unseen realms.
Pink is the color of emotional well-being, sensuality, and matters of the heart.  Choose a pink candle when you wish to grow in compassion and self-love, or attract the love of others.
Resting halfway between white and black, grey is the color of neutrality and balance.  A grey candle may be used in protective magic, when you wish to neutralize negative energy that may be directed at you.  Also used to gain discernment and wisdom.

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