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Cast Iron Key (Penelope)

Cast Iron Key (Penelope)

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These replica antique keys are great for magickal jewelry and charms. "Penelope" has subtle decorative ridges and measures approximately 2.75 inches long.

Dimensions: Approx. 2.75 inches (length), .8 inch (widest point)

We have reproduction antique skeleton keys in a number of different styles. All of them are handmade from real cast iron and named after old-fashioned ladies (just for fun)! Search for more keys here.

The Magick of Keys

An iron key is a versatile tool for spells of luck, protection, and attainment. Keys symbolize initiation and power, and are favorite tokens of Hecate and other crossroads-dwelling deities.

More key magick: Place an iron key on your altar or key ring to represent a goal fulfilled. “Anchor” spell cords and knots by passing them through the loop of a key. Use your magick key to symbolically “lock down” a person or place. Carrying an iron key is said to attract good luck and to offer protection from unruly spirits and Fae.

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