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Concave Scrying Mirror 8" - Grove and Grotto

Concave Scrying Mirror 8"

$ 40.00

Practice the ancient art of seership with this black scrying mirror!  Scrying is probably the oldest method of divination, and a great way to develop psychic abilities.  Seek visions of the past or future, experience trance states, explore other planes, communicate with spirits, get in touch with the unconscious, and much more.

This 8" mirror is made of tempered glass treated with a scratch-resistant black coating.  It has a gentle inward curve, which helps minimize distracting reflections.  To use, simply hold in the hands, hang on a wall, or rest on an easel or plate stand (not included). 

These scrying mirrors are produced by a divination supply company in Dallas and are the best products of their kind!  Comes in a paperboard box with instructions.

To clean: Remove dust and fingerprints with a soft cloth, using glass cleaning spray if necessary.  Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Material: Tempered enameled glass

Dimensions: Approx. 8 in (diameter)

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