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Handmade Black Walnut Wand 10.5"

Handmade Black Walnut Wand 10.5"

$ 28.00

A wand with a wide, rounded handle and natural rich brown wood. Our handcrafted wands include a drawstring pouch.

Material: American Black Walnut, natural beeswax finish

Dimensions: Approx. 10.5" (length), 1.25" (widest point)

About Black Walnut

Walnut trees are large, hardy and slow-growing.  (An old Dutch proverb says, "By the time the Walnut tree is tall, the planter will surely be dead.") A Walnut wand is ideal for the magician who wishes to cultivate patience and strength.  Walnut contains the combined energies of Air and Earth: clarity and intelligence, confidence and wisdom. In Italian tradition, it is said to shelter dancing Witches at their Sabbats.

American Black Walnut has an unmistakable chocolate-brown color.  It is durable but also fairly light, and for these reasons it is much sought-after by fine furniture makers. The grain is highly figured near the roots, but becomes straight as it travels up the tree's trunk.  Neither "zingy" nor sluggish, the energy of a Walnut wand is a good balance between the two.

Read more about how our wands are made on this page.

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