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Dark Amber Resin (5 g)

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Just arrived! A 5 gram package of premium Dark Amber resin (really closer to 6 or 7 grams usually, because we love you). This Dark Amber is sultry and potent, with lots of exotic spice to heat up your magickal nights.

Our Amber is made in India according to time-honored recipes. It comes in a round acrylic container with a re-closeable lid. Photos are for reference only—size, color, shape, and number of pieces per package will vary.

The heavenly fragrance of Amber is yours to enjoy any way you choose. Keep in an aroma box or necklace, burn over charcoal, or rub on the skin for a subtle perfume. Read more about the magickal history of Amber!

Weight: Approx. 5 g (excluding packaging)

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