Giant Three-Stone Leather Journal

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A grand, wizardly book set with three Lapis Lazuli stones and two brass latches. Decorated with embossing and a whip-stitched edges, it has a fantastic mystical appearance. Contains 360 pages of unlined cotton-rich paper for your writing and drawing. Please expect slight variations in this handmade item.

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Dimensions: Approx. 10 inches (width), 13 inches (height)
Page count: 360 unlined pages (180 sheets)
Material: Leather, Lapis Lazuli stones, handmade paper

About the Book of Shadows
In Wicca and Witchcraft, "Book of Shadows" refers to a private record of spellwork, rituals, and magickal experiences. The name is a reference to times when such writings would have needed to stay hidden in a secret place.

Both solitary Witches and covens may keep a Book of Shadows. In covens, the Book (or portions of it) are passed on to initiates as they earn access to the coven's inner teachings.  Multiple members of a coven may contribute spells, invocations and visions to a shared Book of Shadows. These books can become quite elaborate and beautiful with their accumulated content.

For the Witch working alone, the Book of Shadows is an invaluable tool. In these pages, you may keep track of tools and techniques that worked (or didn't work) in the past, and get an evolving view of your magickal progress.

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