Giant White Oak Wand 15"

  • $ 18.00

A large, sturdy wand carved from White Oak. The wand has been finished by hand, without stain or varnish, so the natural grain of the wood will show.

Material: Oak wood, natural beeswax finish

Dimensions: Approx. 15" (length), 1.25" (widest point)

About White Oak

The strong and hardy Oak tree and has been known as an ally of humans for millennia for its wood. Oak has long been regarded as one of the most sacred trees. Sometimes called the "Lightning Tree," the Oak tree is associated with sky Gods. Its magickal attributes include authority, leadership, focus, wisdom, truth, and personal sovereignty.

White Oak is light to medium beige, with an olive-yellow cast.  It has a mostly-straight grain with some swirls and rays.  Its watertight properties make Oak historically valuable for boat-building and vessel-making.  Oak has a strong, friendly energy that is comforting and empowering to handle.

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