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Handmade Cherry Goddess Wand 10.5" - Grove and Grotto

Handmade Cherry Goddess Wand 10.5"

$ 22.00 $ 32.00

This handmade Cherry wand has curves to spare!  It fits the hand beautifully, and is features a peach-colored, wavy grain that is simply exquisite.  Cherry is a Goddess wood, and if you look closely at the wand's base, you can even see the image of a Goddess emerging from the handle.

Wand comes with a handmade fabric pouch.

Material: Cherry wood, natural beeswax finish

Dimensions: Approx. 10.5" (length), 1.4" (widest point)


Nicknamed "New England mahogany," Cherry is one of the finest woods North America has to offer.  It has a distinctive light reddish color and beautifully figured grain.  (A lot of "Cherry" furniture is made from Maple that has been stained to resemble this elegant timber.)

All fruitwoods are sacred to the Goddess.  Cherry has an especially harmonious, feminine energy and is good for healing, love magick, unity, and community.  (A Cherry wand will not react badly to being "shared," so it's a good choice for teachers.) Divination, mediumship, and the detection of magick are also properties of Cherry.

Read more about how our wands are made on this page.

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