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Handmade Hickory Wand 10.5" - Grove and Grotto

Handmade Hickory Wand 10.5"

$ 25.00

Thicker and heavier than a traditional magick wand, this Hickory wand represents the power of single-minded determination.

Wand comes with a handmade drawstring pouch.

Material: Hickory Wood, natural beeswax finish

Dimensions: Approx. 10.5" (length), 1.3" (widest point)

About Hickory

One of the densest woods available, Hickory is synonymous with strength.  Hickory is hard, stiff, and heavy and yields tough, inedible nuts. It is structurally sound even when cut thin, and is popular for tool handles and golf clubs.  (In Texas, we treasure this slow-burning wood for the barbecue pit!)

Hickory wood is an ideal choice for the stubborn or resolute mage. Protection, power, and direction are its magickal traits. A wand carved of straight-grained Hickory is an apt symbol of the unbending Will.

Read more about how our wands are made on this page.

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