Handmade Mahogany Wand 11"

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A one-of-a-kind magick wand crafted from Bolivian Mahogany. Our wands come unvarnished so you can burn, carve, or anoint them to suit your magickal intention.

Material: Mahogany, natural beeswax finish

Dimensions: Approx. 12.5" (length), .9" (widest point)

Unique item number: 427

About Mahogany

A luxurious hardwood prized for its straight grain and luscious, reddish-brown color.  Mahogany conducts vibration well, which has historically made it a favorite wood for fine musical instruments.  It has a deep, warm, energetic tone that matches its rich color. Spiritual growth, guidance, and strength are the magickal properties of Mahogany.

Read more about how our wands are made on this page.

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