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Handmade Maple Wand 13"

Handmade Maple Wand 13"

$ 32.00

A strong and simple Maple wand with gentle curves and ridges. Maple wands have a naturally high mineral content which enhance their durability and conductivity.

Wand comes with a handmade drawstring pouch.

Material: Maple, natural beeswax finish

Dimensions: Approx. 13" (length), .9" (widest point)

About Maple

A quintessentially North American tree, Maple yields both sweetness and strength. It is a smooth, blond-colored wood that sometimes shows semi-translucent or chatoyant effects. It is hard, but not excessively heavy or brittle. "Curly Maple" has irregularities in the grain that form a distinctive wavy pattern. 

Maple conducts energy exceptionally well. Magically, it is versatile and forgiving and is said to contain both masculine and feminine energy.  Known as the "traveler's wood," Maple aids in many spells including healing, communication, learning, creativity, beauty and abundance.

Read more about how our wands are made on this page.

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