Handmade Purpleheart Wand 13.5"

Handmade Purpleheart Wand 13.5"

  • $ 30.00

A lathe-turned wand made from Purpleheart. This wand is undyed, unstained, and unvarnished except for a light coating of natural beeswax finish. In the language of woods, Purpleheart stands for divination, aspiration, knowledge, spirituality, and transformation.

Only one available! No bag or box.

Dimensions: Approx. 13.5" (length), .75" (widest point)

About Purpleheart

An exotic wood from Central and South America with a dramatic natural purple color.  When first cut, it’s often greyish-brown, but the color deepens as the wood is exposed to ultraviolet light. Purpleheart is among the densest of all craft woods. It is an ideal partner for the imaginative, the spiritual, and the creative magick worker.

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