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Hawaiian Black Salt (2 oz) - Grove and Grotto

Hawaiian Black Salt (2 oz)

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Black salt is a powerful ingredient in your arsenal of protective magick. It combines the grounding and purifying properties of salt with the aggressive protection of the color black. 

This premium black salt comes from the island of Molokai, and is made by combining evaporated sea salt with powdered coconut shell charcoal. It's food-grade, so you can also use it to add a smoky touch to your favorite dishes!

A versatile ingredient for cleansing and spellwork, salt belongs on every magickal altar and herb cabinet!  Here are just a few common metaphysical uses for salt:

Bless a home or ritual space.
Add a few grains to a protection charm, mojo bag or spell bottle.
Cleanse and consecrate altar tools.
Use on an altar to represent the element of Earth.
Dissolve in water to make a cleansing bath for crystals or scrying mirrors.
Touch or taste salt after trance/energy work to help ground yourself.

Ingredients: Hawaiian black salt

Weight: Approx. 2 oz (excluding packaging)

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