Inca Aromas Incense - Gaia (Package of 9)

Inca Aromas Incense - Gaia (Package of 9)

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Inspired by the traditional spiritual practices of the Andean people, this incense is handmade in Brazil from the finest resins and botanicals. Evoking strength and abundance, Gaia is a rich blend of sacred Breu resin, blended with Benzoin, Frankincense, Myrrh, Pitanga and Cinnamon oil. 

Package contains 9 slow-burning sticks (approx 2.1 oz total). Inca Aromas fair-trade, vegan, and uses plastic-free recycleable packaging.

Ingredients: White Breu resin, black charcoal, Myrrh, Benzoin resin, Frankincense resin, Cabreuva wood, Pitanga aromatic oil, Cinnamon aromatic oil, coarse salt.

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