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Jericho Flower - Grove and Grotto

Jericho Flower

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A legendary plant that springs back to life when it is placed in water. The Jericho Flower or Resurrection flower symbolizes rebirth and renewal. The dried plant is a popular component in love and money spells.

You will receive one dried Jericho Flower. They are about 4 inches across and larger.
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  • Can u reuse it after you wet it?

    Yes, Jericho flowers can be dried out and revived again. With proper care, they can last for several uses. Here are some tips for taking care of the Jericho flower:

    1. Don't leave it in water for more than a week.
    2. Change the water daily to prevent mold.
    3. Once the plant has fully unfolded, trim off any dead-looking or soggy leaves at the bottom.
    4. After re-hydrating the flower, allow it to dry out completely before putting it in water again. A "holiday" of two weeks is recommended between uses.