Jericho Flower (Mini)

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A legendary plant that springs back to life when it is placed in water. The Jericho Flower or Resurrection Plant symbolizes rebirth and renewal. The dried plant is a popular component in love and money spells.

You will receive one dried Jericho Flower
(Selaginella lepidophylla). These are mini size flowers, about 2.75-3 inches across.


1. Place the flower in a shallow bowl. Alternatively, you can use a deeper bowl and add some pebbles to the bottom.

2. Fill the bowl with 1-2 inches of water so that just the roots are submerged. (Distilled or bottled water is best--chlorine in tap water can harm the plant.)

3. Keep in indirect light away from heat sources and drafts. Watch your plant revive and grow! Jericho Flowers can begin to show green leaves and spread out within a few hours, and will fully extend in another day or two.

3. Change the water every couple of days, or when it looks dirty. Remove the plant from water once a week for a full day. Let it dry out fully once a month. Repeat and enjoy.

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