Owl Ceramic Bottle

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Made from bone-colored natural clay, this miniature bottle features a woodland owl poised beneath a full moon. The russet-brown glaze captures its exquisite detail and fine craftsmanship. The sculpted image appears on both sides of the bottle.

These spell oil bottles are created in high fire ceramic clay and capped with a wood cork.  Use it to hold your essential oils, perfumes, and special elixirs. Fairy dust, ashes, a secret note, too—the possibilities are endless! Display on a dresser, shelf, or altar—or add a cord or chain to create your own pendant necklace.
These bottles are artisan-made will vary slightly in color. Bottle may not stand on its own.

Materials: Ceramic, wood cork

Bottle dimensions: Approx. 1.75 in x 1.5 in

Bottle capacity: Approx. 2 dram (1/8 oz)

About the Owl

Owls are secretive, cunning, keen-sensed, and sometimes ruthless. Because they come out at night and hunt alone, the Owl has been associated with Witches since the beginning of time. As a totem animal, Owl brings wisdom, mystery and independence. Mythic connections to the Owl include Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom), and the shape-shifting Celtic goddess Blodeuwedd.

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