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Pair of Lodestones - Grove and Grotto

Pair of Lodestones

$ 3.50

Get your lucky mojo working with this pair of lodestones (natural magnets).  Paired lodestones are used in love magic and good luck charms.  Lodestones are said to attract good luck and repel the bad.

Sizes and shapes will vary, but each stone measures 1/2-3/4 inch on average--slightly smaller than our lodestones sold singly.

About Lodestones
Lodestones are natural magnets with a long history of use in folk magic and Hoodoo.  They’re used in money-drawing spells, love charms--pretty much any spell where the intention is to attract something to you. (Rather than cleanse or banish something from your life.) Lodestone are anointed, then ritually "fed" with iron filings until the object of your working is accomplished.
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