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Planetary Symbol Charm

Planetary Symbol Charm

$ 1.50

Enhance your planetary spells and with these cast pewter mini charms. Attach them to spell bottles and mojo bags, or incorporate them into a magickal charm bracelet or amulet.

Charms are sold individually--please make your selection from the menu.

Material: Pewter (zinc-based alloy)

Dimensions: Approx. .5 in (height), .7 in (height including loop)

Here are some suggested uses for planetary charms:

Mercury: Money, travel, learning, communication

Venus: Love, seduction, beauty

Mars: Protection, personal power, virility

Jupiter: Luck, favor, wealth and prosperity

Saturn: Binding, banishing, ending old relationships and habits

Uranus: Radical change and individuality

Neptune: Intuition, sensitivity, adaptability

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