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Sigil Magick Writing Kit

Sigil Magick Writing Kit

$ 6.00

Craft your own magickal signs and seals in the old way with this handy all-in-one kit.  Specially designed for sigil magick and short spells, it includes parchment paper that is pre-cut into small sheets. Use the deep-red Dragon’s Blood ink and feather quill to inscribe your spell, then allow to dry. The lightweight parchment folds easily and can be carried in a pocket, tucked under a candle or added to a spell bottle or mojo bag.
The kit includes:
One (1) bottle of Dragon’s Blood ink (1 oz) by Espiritu
Twelve (12) mini sheets of parchment paper (Approx. 2 in x 2.5 in)
One (1) black wing feather (9-11 in)
About Dragon’s Blood
Not actually the blood from real dragons (as you might have known) Dragon’s Blood  is a red pigment that is obtained from various plants. It has been used since ancient times for making inks, incenses and varnishes. It is used in Hoodoo and Witchcraft to inscribe magickal seals and talismans.
Espiritu Dragon’s Blood ink comes in a glass bottle and has a dramatic red pigment.  It’s perfect for empowering your magickal writings. If you like, you can enhance its power by adding a fragrance that suits the working.
About Sigil Magic
Sigil magic is form of basic spellwork that has gained much popularity in contemporary magic. In sigil magick, the practitioner designs a sign or symbol to represent the objective of the magick, then “charges” the sigil through ritual means.  Sigil magick is one of the simplest kinds of spell to perform, and can be very, very effective. Sigils are best when they are simple enough to draw on a small piece of paper—this kit is specially designed for practicing your sigil work.

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