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Six-Drawer Herb Chest - Grove and Grotto

Six-Drawer Herb Chest

$ 65.00

Keep your magickal essentials in this beautiful six-drawer herb chest.  Placed on a dresser or altar, it's ideal for holding herbs, incense, crystals, or jewelry.

This stunning item is decorated with nine carved pentagrams (six on front, one on top, and one on each side) and metal pull rings.  It has a distressed finish in a sable/antique black color.  There are six fully functional, unlined wood drawers.

A unique and lovely piece for your sacred space!

Material: Wood, metal trim

Total dimensions: 8.25 in (width) x 4 in (depth) x 9.5 in (height)

Weight: Approx. 3 lb, 5 oz

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