The Incense Match - Sandalwood

  • $ 2.00

What is an incense match? It lights like a match, and burns like incense! These are great for the times when you want a quick burst of fragrance without the hassle of candles or incense. Simply strike a match on the back of the packet, let it burn about 1/4 of the way down, and blow it out.

You will receive one book of 30 foil-wrapped matches. Sandalwood is a sweet, warm fragrance that is calming and romantic.

Sorry, no international shipping of matches due to postal regulations.

About The Incense Match

The Incense Match is a fun novelty from the 1980s that's still totally rad. They're great to keep in your purse, car, kitchen, or bathroom. Quickly neutralize unwanted smells, or add a burst of fragrance when lighting candles. Stoners love them for lighting up discreetly, and Witches appreciate that they don't leave that infernal sulfur odor in your sacred space. This nifty pocket air freshener comes in 16 fragrances, and is proudly made in the United States.