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Wolf Raku Bottle

Wolf Raku Bottle

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This beautiful oil bottle captures the features of a wild wolf, with intense blue eyes and long snout. The reverse side shows a wolf howling among the pine trees.

These spell oil bottles are created in the Japanese Raku style and capped with a wood cork. Use it to hold your essential oils, perfumes, and special elixirs. Fairy dust, ashes, a secret note, too—the possibilities are endless! Display on a dresser, shelf, or altar--or add a cord or chain to create your own pendant necklace.
These bottles are artisan-made will vary in color. (Light blue to blue-green.) The interior is unglazed. Bottle may not stand on its own.

Materials: Glazed fired ceramic, wood cork

Bottle dimensions: Approx. 2 in x 1.75 in

Bottle capacity: Approx. 2 dram (1/8 oz)

About the Wolf
The Wolf is a powerful hunter on its own, but also knows the power of the pack!  The Wolf totem stands for instinct, intelligence, and loyalty. Those who are drawn to the Wolf spirit tend to be intuitive, noble, and deeply protective of home and family.

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