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Zebra Jasper Massage Wand

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A smooth tapered massage wand carved from Zebra Jasper. These polished wands can be used for chakra healing, to massage the skin, or to direct energy during meditation or spellwork. Zebra Jasper is an excellent stone for balancing the entire energetic body and connecting with the power of the Earth.

Our gemstone massage wands are all hand-picked for quality and consistency. There will be slight variations in color and shape.

Dimensions: Approx. 4.5 inches (length), 1 inch (widest part)

About Zebra Jasper

First discovered in Western Australia, Zebra Jasper (or Zebra Stone) has black and white stripes like its namesake animal. Zebra Jasper is known as a stone of positivity and strength. Wearing or carrying Zebra Jasper is reminder of Mother Earth's limitless energy and creativity. Zebra Jasper is nurturing, protective, and stabilizing.

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