Love magick, Faery style

A heart of fairy berries.

Love spells get a lot of bad press. Love magick, they say, is dangerous, selfish, and unethical. But Faery witches have a view of love magick that is more playful and more tolerant than the New Age party line.

They say it's wrong to need a lover to bring you happiness. They say you shouldn't cast a spell to attract a partner or make someone fall in love with you, or you will surely pay the price.

Instead, a lot of people will advise you to take steps toward increasing self-love, or inviting love into your life in some indefinite form. This is supposed to increase your happiness in the long term without unfairly constraining the will of another person.

That’s all good advice, I suppose, but what if your true desire is to have someone pile heartfelt adoration upon you as they fall gasping and wiggling into your bed? What if you don’t need a partner, but you just want one, for life or for the night? Well, my dear Fae friends, here is your permission slip:

Faeries understand the interconnectedness of all things.

As magick weavers and seers, we have a tangible relationship with the web of energy that binds everyone and everything. We understand deeply the expression “You can’t pick a flower without jiggling a star.” We prefer not to do negative or coercive magick, not only because it’s wrong, but because it’s shortsighted and dumb.

At the same time, we see the extreme fallacy in the assumption that love magick bends someone else to our will, while other forms of magick do not. What is a so-called “prosperity” spell but a way of making other people tend to give you money?

It’s time to face facts: With our magickal and mundane actions, we tug on everyone and everything else in the world. You might as well use magick to get want you want and not go around feeling bad about it or second-guessing the checks and balances that do exist.

Illusion, glamour, and enchantment come naturally to us.

Faeries of all genders excel at the art of enthrallment. Making straw look like gold, causing people to forget to go home for seven years—this is classic Faery magick.

Glamour is an innate skill that all have, and some have cultivated it to alarming degrees. By manipulating our energy and our target’s, we can make ourselves appear more beautiful and more interesting than we are in the human world. Some Fae can use enthrallment to command attention and favors from strangers. We hardly ever consider whether it’s ethical to use this power, because we do it all the time anyway.

Incidentally, the Faery witch is more likely to cast a love spell purely with energy than to get all hedge-witchy with herbs and poppets and whatnot. So be on your guard—even if you don’t see any pink candle stubs lying around her house!

Faeries love to give, play, and enjoy.

The Faery witch favors magick that is direct and fun. Our magick is tied to our sensation, yearning and desire. We understand the joy of sharing a meal or sleeping in a warm bed. We know that the recipient of our affection is one lucky fool and we get a hell of a charge from receiving love in return. We’re sensual, sexual, and spontaneous, and we’re put off by any magickal viewpoint that reeks of obligation and shame.

We cannot make sense of the idea that to involve someone in a love spell is to harm them. (Because who wouldn't want to be in love?) Sure, Faery love magick is reckless, but the alternative is dull--which is worse.

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