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HEM Aroma Oil - Mystic Orange

HEM Aroma Oil - Mystic Orange

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A bright, refreshing fragrance, Orange is associated with happiness and personal power. HEM Mystic Orange oil brings the aroma of fresh Orange to your home or ritual space.

Contains 10 ml (approximately 1/3 oz) of scented oil in an amber glass bottle. HEM Aroma oils are a home fragrance product and not intended for body use.

Try blending Orange aroma oil with these other scents: Cinnamon, Vanilla, Strawberry, Lemon.

About HEM Aroma Oils

HEM Aroma Oils are a fun, affordable way to experience your favorite HEM incense fragrances without the mess of smoke and ash. All varieties are 100% free of animal products and animal testing. Weave them into your ritual craft, or simply enjoy their alluring and exotic fragrances. Suggested uses include:

Heat with an oil warmer (electric or candle-powered) to fill a room with fragrance.

Anoint candles and magickal tools.

Freshen up potpourri or dried flowers.

Make scented drawer liners and sachets.

Use with oil diffuser rods or air freshener pads in your home, office, or auto.

Add to simmering water on your stovetop to remove kitchen odors.

Pour a few drops in the melted wax of a burning candle, or craft your own scented candles.

Mix with other HEM oils to create a signature home fragrance blend.

View our entire collection of HEM Aroma oils here. (Looking for wear-able oils? Try Sun's Eye!)

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Fast shipping. Excellent customer service...

Fast shipping. Excellent customer service highly recommend.

Great smell! Might be a bit perfume-y to s...

Great smell! Might be a bit perfume-y to some but I love it.