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Yellow Rice (1 oz) - Ritual Rice for Happiness

Yellow Rice (1 oz) - Ritual Rice for Happiness

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Widely used in Hoodoo and rootwork, colored rice brings the energy of the Earth and positive growth to magickal spells. Yellow rice is a powerful addition to your spells for happiness, good communication, positivity, and joy.

1 oz packet of ritually prepared dyed yellow rice (not for food use). Handmade in Peru by Peruvian Charms.

Use Happiness Rice to:

Feed your mojo bags and charm bags for happiness.
Offer to deities, house spirits, and nature spirits.
Keep it in a bowl on your altar to attract positive energy.
Sprinkle around your home or garden.
Mix with herbs or glitter and place at the base of your ritual candles.
Bury your crystals and amulets in yellow rice overnight to cleanse and charge them.

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