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Pentagram Incense Burner (4.5 Inches)

Pentagram Incense Burner (4.5 Inches)

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Set a mystical mood with this round metal incense burner, featuring a pentagram design. Holds cones or stick incense (or both)!

Note: Burner gets hot—please allow to cool completely before handling. Place burner on a heat-resistant surface when in use.

Dimensions: Approx. 4.5 inches (diameter)

Pentacle Symbolism

The pentacle is an ancient symbol with many varied meanings. In modern Paganism, the pentagram, or five-pointed star, is said to represent the four elements united by Spirit. The pentagram is also an emblem of humanity, with the five points representing the five senses and five points on the human body (head, arms, and legs). When enclosed in a circle, it is called a pentacle and symbolizes completeness, balance, and perfection. 

The pentacle has always been regarded as a strongly protective emblem. In medieval times it was used to ward off evil spirits and magicians still use it to banish unwanted forces and energies. Many Wiccans and other Pagans use the pentacle as a protective seal or as a symbol of their faith and place in the Universe.

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