Aromatherapy Incense Set by HEM

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Inspired by the practice of aromatherapy, this incense collection brings six restorative scents to your home, temple, or garden. Each fragrance is a blend of two classic aromas. They are beautifully packaged in a presentation box for gift-giving (or treating yourself)!

Each pack contains 20 incense sticks, for a total of 120 incense sticks:

Rejuvenate (Jasmine/Rose)

Stress Relief (Lavender/Eucalyptus)

Uplifting (Frankincense/Amber)

Vitality (Tangerine/Cinnamon)

Relaxing (White Sage/Lavender)

Tranquility (Lemongrass/Bergamot)

HEM brand incense is made from select woods, resins, and oils in a charcoal base. See our other varieties of incense sticks.

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