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Ebony Wand

Ebony Wand

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Carved and polished by hand, this Ebony wand is a powerful addition to your magickal toolkit.

Each wand is handmade from real Gabon Ebony and is slightly different in shape. The wand comes with a simple muslin pouch. Occasional oiling is recommended to maintain its natural luster.

Dimensions: Approx. 14 inches (length)

About Ebony

A dense black hardwood native to India and western Africa, Ebony is synonymous with luxury. Ebony carvings have been prized for thousands of years, with some specimens being found in Egyptian tombs. The small tree yields a silky, tightly grained wood that rewards fine craftsmanship and a high polish.

Ebony is regarded as a wood of pure power. It is attributed to Water and to receptive, feminine energy. Ebony amplifies without discriminating. This is a wood that does not guide, but instead lends its power to whatever the bearer intends. Its amoral nature means that Ebony is best suited to the mature practitioner.

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