Tetragrammaton Pentagram Talisman (Pewter)

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A double-sided Tetragrammaton talisman cast in fine pewter. A supreme symbol of God's power, it is worn for protection and also used during certain magickal rituals. The reverse side has a pair of wings and a triple knot, symbols of Angelic power and Divine order.

Pendant measures 1.25 inches in diameter. It comes with a black woven cord that can be tied to any length, or swapped for a chain or cord of your own.

We’re very pleased to offer this quality product from Charme et Sortilege! These talismans are designed according to Hermetic and Qabalistic precepts, and expertly crafted in Canada. Each includes a printed card (English and French) with a simple ritual to activate the talisman.

Material: Pewter
Dimensions: 1.25 inches (diameter)

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