Lailokens Awen Purification Candle

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A candle for ritual purification made of pure white beeswax. Ideal for self-initiations or any time you want to rid yourself of negativity before a magickal undertaking. Candle measures approximately 4 1/4 inches tall and 1 1/4 inches in diameter.

Made on the day and in the hour of the Moon and anointed with organic essential oils.

About Lailokens Awen Candles

We're proud to offer purpose-made beeswax spell candles, for when only the best will do. They are hand-rolled in Canada by Lailoken, a practicing Druid and Wiccan for over 25 years. Each candle is made in the appropriate planetary day and hour and anointed for its specific purpose.

These all-natural candles are made from Canadian beeswax and woven cotton wicks. They are unscented and have a faint, pleasant smell of honey when burned.

Pure beeswax candles may develop a frosty-looking "bloom" on the surface. This is not a defect, but a result of temperature changes affecting the natural wax. If it bothers you, a quick blast from a warm hair dryer will restore the candle's appearance.

Dimensions: 4 1/4 in (height) x 1 1/4 in (diameter)

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